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Sandstone is a Typescript library for Minecraft Datapacks & Resource packs. It allows easy creation, debug and sharing of Minecraft functions, loot tables, predicates etc...


Perfect autocompletion & built-in Wiki

Sandstone tells you what a command expects, and autocomplete complicated arguments for you. It ships with the official Wiki documentation for all commands and resources.

You don't need to remember commands syntax anymore.


This autocompletion works for commands, predicates, loot tables, advancements...

Easy to share

Sharing commands has never been easier. Just publish your functions on NPM, and everyone can use them to improve their own packs.

Designed for developers

Sandstone is designed with developer experience in mind. The goal is to provide a beautiful library, easy to understand and to use, with enough abstractions to empower Datapack creators.

Sandstone comes with a built-in Command Line Interface (CLI), named sand: it allows you to build your data pack, rebuild on change, without even thinking about it.

Sandstone does not force its abstractions on you:

  • Most of the time, you can use Sandstone abstractions: they are efficient and configurable, which allows you to quickly develop performant data packs.
  • When performance and behavior need to be fine-tuned, you can use all vanilla commands without any of Sandstone abstraction. You will still get autocompletion, build-time and run-time checks, to ensure your data pack runs as expected!

Supporting Sandstone

If you want to support Sandstone, the simplest way is to star the repository on Github! It's very encouraging.



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