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Function Macros

Macros, introduced in 1.20.2 snapshot 23w31a, provide a way to substitute values anywhere in a command. While there exists many anti-patterns in terms of optimization, there are certainly many usecases where macros are very useful for optimization and previously impossible behavior.

Sandstone provides a first class experience for using said macros, beyond basic support, you can easily use existing variables (Score's, DataPoint's) in your commands in place of arguments.

Basic usage

MCFunction('macro_test', () => {'macro_test', 'Test').set.value(NBT({test:'5 10 37'}))
functionCmd(MCFunction('using_macros', () => {
raw('/tp @s $(test)')
}), 'with', 'storage', 'macro_test', 'Test')

Macro variable

MCFunction's can have environment variables & parameters, provided like so.

const $ = Macro

const name = Data('storage', 'test', 'Name')
* @param count How many diamonds to give
const test = MCFunction('test', [name], (_loop: any, count: Score) => {
$.give(name, 'minecraft:diamond', count)

MCFunction('foo', () => {
const player = DataVariable('MulverineX')
const count = Objective.create('testing')('@s')

test(player, count)

This is a relatively type-safe method of using Macros, something that as to date, is not possible in any other framework!


Do note a few limitations:

  • An MCFunction with macro variables must be called at compile-time, otherwise it will be generated without any Macro names!
  • Variables used within a function where they are declared as parameter or environment cannot be used normally; if you need both, declare them separately.
  • Nesting capability is not available in parameters; all parameters must be in the root, however, spread operators will work!

Macro Templating

Macro variables can be used in conjunction with strings, numbers, and other variables!

const $ = Macro

const thingMap = Data('storage', 'test', 'Things')

const thing = Data('storage', 'test', 'Thing')

const test = MCFunction('get_thing', (_loop: any, index: Score) => {
$, $`Things[${index}]`)

MCFunction('foo', () => {
const index = Objective.create('testing')('@s')


// Do stuff with `thing`